Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tennis Racket's and Grip

Today Oct. 19

What is your Favorite Tennis Racket? The number one Tennis racket that I use is head Racket microGel . Just imagine your self holding feather, well not really a feather, but the lightness of a remote control for your TV light weight and easy to move around, just like the head microGel Tennis Racket I use. This new microGel technology really allows a better ball control when hitting the ball. When the ball strikes the strings the small Microgels in the racket go to work giving the racket more stability and less vibration. I use to use Wilson Rackets and prince Rackets but to me they never felt like they were the racket for me, until I came around to the head racket MicroGel Which fit me well. This Racket also changed my game play a lot. Leave a comment telling me what is your favorite racket you use.


The 2 best Tennis over grips are there to give you a better feel of the racket when holding it. After using the racket a couple times the feel of the grip in the racket comes to view and you start improving the style of how you hold and grip the racket. The impressive thing about these grips are they come in many colors, like me I always use red and blue grip. The reason use red is to trow the person off with the color of my grip. HAHAH don’t tell anybody my secret, just playing. Another nice thing about over grip is that there are some that are sweet prof and don’t slip out of your hands when playing.

The two best Grips that I know off
  • Gamma Grip 2 OverGrip:

This Grip Is Ultra thin and has an ultra tacky grip which allows a better hold to the racket. This new grip also increases better enhanced performance. This grip Will change you game forever don’t for get and buy your self Gamma Grip 2 over grip Today and use it the Same day.

  • Wilson Pro over Grip:

This over grip is made by Wilson There grip is super fine and has a very stretchy surface This tennis grip will give you the control and feel of a pro This grip is made out of a polyurethane martial which is is a number one type of martial for over grip on a tennis racket. 

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